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Helping You Understand People

Human Insights is a research consulting agency that helps our partners connect with the people they depend on for success.

We are experts in Human Factors and User Experience research, providing insights and information to support human-centered design, development and strategy.

We tailor our approach to our partner’s unique circumstances to make sure we’re doing the right research at the right time.

Can Human Insights Help?

Whether you’re looking to get user feedback on a prototype or building your own user research program, we help you create safer, more efficient and more enjoyable products and services.

Use this chart to figure out if Human Insights can help your initiative!

Human Factors Flow Chart

Working with Us

Human Insights takes a pragmatic approach to bringing research to your organization’s initiatives. We work with you to:

  • Define business objectives dependent on human performance or preference
  • Identify strategic gaps in your current understanding of your people
  • Implement research and development initiatives to address those gaps
  • Provide insight that empowers human-centred decision making

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