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Human Insights?

About Human Insights

Human Insights is a Calgary-based Human Factors consultancy built to provide expertise and leadership for businesses looking to better understand their people. Whether it’s employees, users, patients, customers, students, or anyone else, Human Insights provides the insight you need to design better experiences for the people you depend on.

Human Factors Consulting

Human Factors is the science of understanding human behaviour and applying that understanding to the design and operation of better systems. Whether it’s safety, satisfaction, or efficiency, a Human Factors specialist provides the knowledge and expertise to create human-centred products, environments, organizations and policies.

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Greg Hallihan, Principal

Greg’s worked in Human Factors for ten years in Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Finance, and Transportation. His passion is understanding human behaviour and applying that to help make better systems, whether that’s environments and products or teams and organizations. He’s also delivered accredited courses in Human Factors and Usability at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University and actively works with organizations to support them in developing their own research programs.

Publications and Presentations

Greg’s a published author in multiple peer-reviewed journals, including Applied Ergonomics, The Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science, and Ergonomics in Design. In addition, he’s presented on Human Factors initiatives across North America for both academic audiences and the general public.