Human Insights

Human Insights is a Calgary-based research consultancy founded in 2019. We’re curious people who believe you can make the world a better place if you take the time to try and understand how other people experience it. Whoever you are working with or for, Human Insights can help you create better products, services and systems by helping to understand what the world looks like from their point of view.

Greg Hallihan, Principal

Greg’s worked in Human Factors for over ten years in Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Finance, and Transportation. He received his BA in Psychology from the University of Calgary and his MASc in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto. His passion is understanding human behaviour and applying that to help make better systems, whether that’s environments and products or teams and organizations. He also mentors other researchers, having delivered accredited courses in Human Factors and Usability at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University and actively working with organizations to support them in developing their own research programs.

Greg’s Presentations and Publications

Headshot of Scott Kraft

Dr. Scott Kraft, Physician Lead

Dr. Kraft is the physician lead at Human Insights, providing leadership and subject matter expertise for clients working in the health sector. He received his MD at the University of Saskatchewan and completed his neurology training at Memorial University of Newfoundland, where he also received a Master of Sciences in Clinical Epidemiology. His clinical practice concentrates on Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, and through his career (including tenure as the former Associate Chief Medical Information Office – AHS Calgary Zone) he has specialized in leading projects focused on the design and implementation of digital technologies. Dr. Kraft also directs several other programs, including SPARK Calgary, which aims to bring University of Calgary Digital Health Innovations into clinical practice. 

Headshot of Julia Kupis

Julia Kupis, UX Research Consultant

Julia is a User Experience Researcher whose UX career has traversed through healthcare, military communications, SAAS, and e-commerce. Evaluating everything from physical spaces to software design, she is determined to make the world a little easier for people, and a lot more meaningful. Her background in Psychology helps her bring people to the center of her work, with loads of empathy and an abundance of curiosity.

Courtney MacDonald, HF Research Consultant

Courtney is a Human Factors Researcher and Professional Engineer with experience in healthcare, renewable energy (micro-hydro), manufacturing, and oil and gas. She also holds a diploma in screenwriting, has authored several unpublished novels for young readers, and has dabbled in filmmaking. Human Factors work provides a wonderful blend of hard science, social science, and creativity, and Courtney’s multifaceted expertise and love of learning allows her to approach problems with a unique outlook and confidence.