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Human Factors and UX Research Consulting

Human Insights provides Human Factors and UX consulting services to support organizations of every size across multiple industries. Our philosophy revolves around helping clients understand the people they depend on to succeed. From contract research and development to coaching and training, our approach is tailored to your organization’s needs and your people.

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Research Services

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UX Research

Successful companies do more than deliver a product or service, they deliver exceptional experiences. Human Insights provides research expertise to create those experiences.

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Safety & Quality Improvement

If you are in a high reliability industry, there’s a good chance a regulator somewhere wants you to be thinking about Human Factors to ensure safe and reliable operations and production.

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Environmental Evaluation

The environments people occupy affect them in a lot of ways. From infection prevention and control to workforce efficiency, Human Insights helps you build safe and efficient spaces.

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Program Development

Looking to build your own research team to support your organization long-term? Human Insights can help to establish a solid foundation for your human-centred research program.

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Human Insights offers training and courses that translate Human Factors knowledge and skills into tangible opportunities to enhance efficiency, safety and satisfaction.

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Conferences & Events

Human Factors is fun to talk about and instantly relatable. From conferences to small teams, I love talking about the importance of understanding the people we design for.

Human Factors vs UX Research?

Human Factors and UX research are really pretty similar. Depending on your industry, and whether your focused on products or systems, you’ll likely be looking for one or the other, but there is a lot of overlap between skill sets.

Human Factors is the science of understanding human behaviour and applying that understanding to the design and operation of better systems. Human Factors researchers provide knowledge and expertise to study and design human-centred products, environments, organizations and policies. Human Factors researchers are commonly found on projects in process-focused, high-reliability industries where safety and efficiency are paramount.

UX Research is a discipline that studies the people who use a product or service, and provides insights to make their experience with that product or service better. UX Researchers are commonly found on projects in product-focused, consumer-centric industries where customer satisfaction is critical to competitive differentiation.