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Research Consulting

Human Insights is a research consulting agency that helps our partners better understand the people they depend on for success.

Our expertise is Human Factors and User Experience research, providing insights and information to support the design, development and evaluation of products, programs and services.

We tailor our approach to our partner’s needs and capabilities, to help provide the right insight at the right time.

How Can Human Insights Help?

Need some quick research support for your product development team? Want to evaluate the impact of a new program you’re launching? Writing a grant and looking for Human Factors expertise? We’re happy to help wherever you are in your journey. We’ve worked across multiple industries providing the following services.

User Experience & Usability

Successful companies do more than deliver a product or service, they deliver exceptional experiences. Human Insights provides research expertise to create those experiences

Quality Improvement & Safety

If you are in a high reliability industry, there’s a good chance a regulator somewhere wants you to be thinking about Human Factors to ensure safe and reliable operations and production.

Environmental Evaluation

The environments people occupy affect them in a lot of ways. From infection prevention and control to workforce efficiency, Human Insights helps you build safe and efficient spaces

Research Operations

Looking to build your own research team to support your organization long-term? Trying to figure out how to integrate research into organization? Human Insights can help to establish a solid foundation through coaching, training, program development and strategic advising.

Working with Human Insights

Still curious about how Human Factors and User Experience research can support your organization, or want to learn more about what Human Insights does? We're happy to chat!