Publications and Conferences

Publications, technical reports and speaking engagements in the area of User Experience research and Human Factors psychology from Greg Hallihan.

Conference Presentations

Hallihan, G., & Kieboom, T. (2023, June 20). F@#$ User Personas. UXPA 2023 International Conference, Austin, TX, United States.

Hallihan, G., & Kieboom, T. (2023, June 20). Learn how to get over personas by swiping right on user roles. UXPA 2023 International Conference, Austin, TX, United States.

Hallihan, G. (2019, May). Why You Need to Diversify Your User Engagement Strategy. eHealth Conference and Tradeshow, Toronto, ON. Canada.

Borkenhagen, D., Hallihan, G., Davies, J. (2017). Testing Portable Medical Device Instructions: Comparing Experts and Non-Experts. HFES 2017 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care, New Orleans, LA.

de Grood, J., & Hallihan, G. (2015, April 16). Learning from the Past and Looking to the Future: Research and Innovation in Evidence-Based Hospital Design. 8th Annual Health Care Infrastructure Summit, Niagra-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada.

Pearson, A., Hallihan, G., Caird, J.K., Ocampo, W., Johnston, K. (2014). Practical Considerations for Eye Movement Systems in Health Care. HFES 2014 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care, Chicago, IL, United States.

de Grood, J., Devooght, K., Ghali, W.A., Hallihan, G., Yiu, V. (2014, October 6). Ward of the 21st Century. Research Canada Health Research Caucus Medical Device Technologies, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Colucci, G. P., de Grood, J. A., Garg, A. K., Hallihan, G. (2014, May 22). Pecha Kucha on Design Innovation, Panel Discussion. Western Health Summit, Conference Board of Canada, Edmonton AB, Canada.

Caird, J.K., De Grood, J., Hallihan, G. (2013, November 22). The value of human factors engineering in the design of healthcare environments, Western Health Care Infrastructure Summit, Edmonton AB, Canada.

Hallihan, G., & Shu, L. (2011). The Neurobiology of Creativity: Implications for Design. ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers & Information in Engineering Conference, Washington, DC, United States.

Hallihan, G., & Caird, J.K. (2011). Effects of Hybrid-Interface on Eco-Driving and Driver Distraction “When Drivers Take Charge”: Human Factors and Safety Issues of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washinton, DC, United States.

Hallihan, G., Milloy, S., Mayer, A., Pearson, A., Ohlhauser, A., Caird, J.L. (2010). How Do Hybrid-Interfaces Impact Driver Performance. APMA-AUTO21 Annual Conference, Windsor, ON, Canada.

Journal Articles

Hallihan, G., Caird, J. K., Blanchard, I., Wiley, K., Martel, J., Wilkins, M., … & Lazarenko, G. (2019). The evaluation of an ambulance rear compartment using patient simulation: issues of safety and efficiency during the delivery of patient careApplied Ergonomics81, 102872.

Kupis, J., Johnson, S., Hallihan, G., & Olstad, D. L. (2019). Assessing the usability of the automated self-administered dietary assessment tool (ASA24) among low-income adultsNutrients11(1), 132.

Baers, J. H., Wiley, K., Davies, J. M., Caird, J. K., Hallihan, G., & Conly, J. (2018). A Health System’s Preparedness for the “Next Ebola”Ergonomics in Design26(1), 24-28.

Shrum, J., Hallihan, G., Jones, J., Tesorero, L., Gregson, G., Kaba, A., … & Ma, I. W. (2017). Impact of a Procedural Cart on Procedural EfficiencyAmerican Journal of Medical Quality32(3), 342-343.

Kramer, C. E., Wilkins, M. S., Davies, J. M., Caird, J. K., & Hallihan, G. M. (2015). Does the sex of a simulated patient affect CPR?Resuscitation, 86, 82-87.

Cheong, H., Hallihan, G. M., & Shu, L. H. (2014). Design Problem Solving with Biological Analogies: A Verbal Protocol Study. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing, 28(01), 27-47.

Hallihan, G. M., & Shu, L. H. (2013). Considering Confirmation Bias in Design and Design ResearchJournal of Integrated Design and Process Science, 17(4), 19-35.

Hallihan, G., Mayer, A., Caird, J., & Milloy, S. (2011). Effects of a Hybrid Interface on Ecodriving and Driver DistractionTransportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2248, 74-80.

Technical Reports and Guidances

Borkenhagen, D., Hallihan, G., Kupis, J. (W21C, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB). ICD-11 Browser and Coding Tool: Formative Usability Testing. Final Report June 18, 2018. W21C (CAN); 2018. 1-79 p.

Western Canada Human Factors Collaborative. Guidance for Human Factors Evaluations in the Procurement of Medical Devices, Equipment and Technology. Calgary (AB): Western Canada Human Factors Collaborative; May 2017.

Hallihan, G. M., Blanchard, I., Clayden, N., Jones, J., Wilkins, M., Wiley, K., Caird, J. K. (W21C, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB). Human Factors Evaluation of Alberta Health Services’ 2800 Series Demers MX-164D Type III Ambulance. Final Report 29 Feb 2016. W21C (CAN); 2016. 1-86 p.

Hallihan, G. M., Baers, J. H., Wiley, K., Davies, J. M., Kaufman, J., Conly, J., Caird, J. K. (W21C, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB). Human Factors Evaluation of Simulated Ebola Virus Disease Patient Scenarios: System Factors Associated with Donning and Doffing During Triage, Treatment and Transport. Final Report 20 Nov 2014-30 Jan 2015. Alberta Health Services (CAN); 2015. 1-72 p.

Conference Proceedings

Blaak, J., DiMaio, R., Kupis, J., Sweetzir, R., Betuzzi, C., Dowler, C., . . . Vayalumkal, J. (2020). The Utility of Interaction Design as a Novel Tool to Improve Hand Hygiene Frequency on a Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Ward. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 41(S1), S411-S411.

Wijdenes, P., Borkenhagen, D., Babione, J., Ma, I., & Hallihan, G. (2018). Leveraging Augmented Reality Training Tool for Medical Education: a Case Study in Central Venous Catheterization. In Extended Abstracts of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (p. CS11). ACM.

Bitan, Y., Jaffe, E., Gisick, L. M., Hallihan, G., & Keebler, J. (2018). Creative Research Approaches For Complex Questions In Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care, Boston, MA: HFES.

Hallihan, G., Davies, J., Baers, J., Wiley, K., Kaufman, J., Conly, J., & Caird, J.K. (2015). Potential Health Care Worker Contamination from Ebola Virus Disease during Personal Protective Equipment Removal and Disposal. Proceedings of the 2015 International Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Los Angeles, CA: HFES.

Hallihan, G., Cheong, H., & Shu, L. (2012). The Role of Cognitive Bias and Confirmation in Design Cognition, Proceedings of ASME IDETC/CIE (DETC2012-71258), Chicago, IL: ASME.

Cheong, H., Hallihan, G., & Shu, L. (2012). Understanding Analogical Reasoning in Biomimetic Design: An Inductive Approach. Design Computing and Cognition’12, College Station, TX: Springer.

Hallihan, G., & Shu, L. (2011). Creativity and Long-Term Potentiation: Implications for Design. Proceedings of ASME IDETC/CIE (DETC2011-48595), Washington, DC: ASME.

Workshops and Teaching

Hallihan, G. & Shultz, J. Healthcare Human Factors, Continuing Professional Medical Education, W21C, Department of Medicine, University of Calgary, Spring 2019. Instructor

Hallihan, G., Liu, L., (2018) User Engagement: Perspectives, Case Studies and Strategies. AGE-WELL 2018 Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC.

Hallihan, G. COMM 3600 – Usability, Information Design Program, Faculty of Communication, Mount Royal University. Fall, 2016. Instructor

Schultz, J., & Hallihan, G. (2014). Observational Methods for Human Factors Research. W21C SIMposium. Calgary, AB.

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